Monday, July 7, 2014

June 2014 Fauxbonichi Flip Through!

I really enjoy using my Fauxbonichi and especially now I have had it for several months now so the book is really filling with some great memories!! I am loving using it so so much and with that I enjoy sharing it with everyone else to help inspire. It really feels good to sit down each nite to sit down and work in this book!

Here is a flip!

This is my month spread. I do like to have it on two pages as opposed to only one! I made it a two page spread for the rest of the months. I mainly keep main events on here as well as the weather. I really enjoy tracking the weather and just looking at how much it changes throughout the month, especially since I don't live in Hawaii where it's just perfect all the time!

If you notice that some things are not colored well yes it happens....I don't always have time to color things in but I don't sweat it because I think as long as I capture the moments that is what is important and when I have a day I want to color I will!!

 The pictures shown above just go through a few of the days in Las Vegas. In the beginning of the month my husband and I went to Vegas to celebrate with my sister who is getting married in July. My sister has 20 people in her wedding party and most of them were able to make the trip and it was a great time. Even though it was a short trip it was a really fun trip so I just captured a few of the special moments.

 When we came back home our daughter was not happy with us and she was mad the entire day! Luckily it was short lived and only lasted one day and the next day she was very happy with us!! I also included a scene from Game of Thrones for those of you who are fans!

In the picture above I captured some visitors and house guests that came to stay with us!!

If you would like to see more check out my video where I flip through each day in June!!

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