Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#OnebookJuly2014 Challenge, Which Pen?!?

I never shared with all of you what pen I chose to go with for the #onebookjuly2014 challenge. It wasn't easy to come up with one but I did a few pen tests and I found one that I really thing will work for me for the month of July.

Here is how I went about choosing my pen....

First I went and choose the pens that I normally use in all of my journals. I love fountain pens and that is usually what I use in all of my journals. Most of the journals paper quality can handle the fountain pen and dry time. 

Top is my Metropolitan Pilot with Noodlers Ink
Next is my Metropolitan Pilot with Diamine ink  in Ultra Green
Followed by my Lamy Safari with Noodlers Ink again
Then a good old fashioned Sharpie
A papermate Flair
Just a pink highlighter
A fine tip Sharpie

When doing a paper test in my Hobonichi planner I found some interesting things.....
I first just compared the line size. I love the fountain pens so I went through those initially. The Metropolitan is one that I actually prefer for writing over the Lamy. The Lamy has a bit more ink coming out of the nib and I like the finer nib on the metro. I also love the ultra green ink and it dries very very quickly but I'm not sure I want the whole month of July in green. So then moving into some other favorites. I checked with a Sharpie just because and found that it bled through as well as creating a very thick line. The paper mate flare smudges a bit and when I used a highlighter over it it completely smeared the ink!! A highlighter on it's own works fine and dries quickly.  The Fine Sharpie has a perfect line size and dries relatively quickly as well as working with a highlighter.

The Sharpie bled more as time went on which I really did not like. The fine sharpie shadows the least and I really like how small the line is and it forces me to draw and write smaller.

So the winner ........

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  1. I saw the video on youtube and wanted to thank you for sharing because it helped a lot in deciding the best pens for the paper. Thank you!