Monday, May 26, 2014

An A5 Cousin Hobonichi Cover for My Fauxbonichi!

I have really been loving the Hobonichi style of planning. I mainly keep it as a visual diary but I absolutely love it so so much!! I have had it for a little over two months and I am noticing that because the beautiful leather cover is so soft and supple it's getting a bit dog eared looking! I am projecting that I will have this journal for about  2-3 years so I want to protect it. After a few failed attempts of making one I decided to just go to the Hobonichi website and see what my options are. It wasn't all that helpful initially because most of it is not in English. Luckily there are alot of blogs out there that you can read through and I found that Hobonichi came out with an A5 size planner which is the same size as my fauxbonichi. The covers are really adorable on the website but unfortunately alot of them are already sold out.  The one that wasn't my first choice but I still think is very cute is the bright yellow one!

It's very bright and cheery and I look forward to using it every single day. The inside has a gorgeous blue cover! I did not get the plastic cover to go over because I think that this nylon material is durable enough. I did look at some of the leather ones and thought that they are beautiful but unfortunately are sold out on the website. 

When flipping the cover on the left hand side there are pockets to keep anything that you may want to journal about later or some stickers. The pockets are on the shallow side but are plenty for me.

On the right side or the back of the planner there is another pocket. Plenty of room to slip any little keepsakes that you may have. I have not had any issues with the fit of the planner and it seems like a glass slipper fit. 

Here is an unclose shot of the journal closed and there is no buckling or creasing of the journal. I did not have to alter the cover or anything. It just honestly seems like a great fit. 

The journal looks great and protected when open. I love the two little bookmarks as well. At the end of each book mark there is a triangle and rectangle. This is really great because it doesn't make it easy for it to slip out. It really stays in place.

I have no complaints about this cover. The fit on my fauxbonichi, which is a Miquel Ruis journal from Barnes and Noble seems to fit perfectly. I do wish there were more choices but I will just be more aware for future releases!!

If you would like to see more please check out my video!

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