Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tieks! The Ultimate Ballet Flat!!

I have been looking for a fantastic flat since leaving the corporate world. While in the corporate world I loved my heels. I could wear heels for 10 hours and enjoy them all day. They are sexy and make me feel stunning. Now I'm a mommy and gave up that part of my life. I still want to look cute!! So I scoured the internet for the perfect flat. I tried Tory Burch, which unfortunately scared the back of my heel. I tried Target ones, and ones from Merrell and Kohls and Gap and any other place I could find them. All of them just hurt my feet or I felt as though there was no support!

Well one day I stumbled upon Oprah's wish list and Tieks were on there. What are these Tieks I wondered. Read the website and I was blown away by this company. Not only are the shoes made of 100% Italian leather but they are also hand made. The shoes come in so so many beautiful colors and patterns. I quickly began adding to my cart, until I noticed the price $165!! Yikes!! I thought for sure these would be the answer to my solution. After about a year of thinking about these shoes I finally bit the bullet and here is what I got....

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