Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Inside My Midori Travelers Notebook!

I was on the fence about getting a Midori Travelers Notebook. I even bought a passport fauxdori on etsy and I made one as well! I really enjoy the system and how beat up and rugged the book gets. There is just something about getting the original that is so appealing. I just could not shake the obsession and so therefore I did it and purchased one. The fact that I noticed a price drop on Amazon really helped with that decision as well!!

I love the scuffs that appear on the leather. I did notice the stronger smell initially when I purchased it but that went away very quickly. I searched endlessly for videos on making my own inserts even though the refills are really not all that expensive. I found a tutorial on how to make a 6 pocket folder and I just love it. I love how customizable it is and it really helps spark my creativity. I think at least for me it makes a really big difference  whether or not I am using a journal I really love and one that I am not so excited to use. 

 I love how chunky this little guy has gotten. The thicker it is the more I love it. I love how it feels in my hands and I just keep finding things to stick inside of it.

I just had to share another angle of the book because I love the chunkiness of it!!

What do I keep in here? It's something I love to know and it's one of the reasons I am on youtube for hours because I love to know what people are filling these books with. I love to look at pictures on flickr as well as instagram. It's very inspiring and lots of other peoples ideas have really helped me with my creativity as well.

In the first insert that I have it is the notebook that came with the book. I love the midori paper and I use this first insert kind of as a notebook for any subjects that I am interested in or studying. I have recently been into the moon phases and I spent some time learning about the blood moon. Things like that go into this insert and I use an index and number my pages so that I can easily find any subject that I may be interested in. I love having this section because there are so many ideas or things that I'm interested in and then I may or may not write it down and then I forget about it! So having this insert I have a home for all of it!!

In the second insert I have an insert that I made with left over water color paper that I had from a pad. There are tutorials all over the web that show you how to bind these inserts and it's very easy to do so I just followed that and made my own! I love having the space for this because I always get some idea in my head and I like the size and space to do these drawings.

In the above photo I did this drawing with pen and water color while watching the movie the Great Oz. That movie with Mila Kunez and it was cute and there was a scene that I really loved and decided I wanted to capture the Emerald city with all the poppies and the yellow brick road!

In the third insert I cut down a Moleskine Volant to fit into my Midori because I love the paper. This insert is primarily used as a bullet journal as well as a 365/30 prompt journal. This is a group on Facebook that gives daily prompts for art journaling. I thought that having these two incorporated just made sense but it is becoming a bit too chaotic. I may be changing this notebook and making separating the two but I am not completely sure just yet!!

I like using washi tape to separate the days for bullet journaling. I also draw pictures sometimes with the journal prompts from the Facebook group. 

In my last insert it is a DIYFish inset that I purchased from etsy. The woman who designed this is really very brilliant. I don't know how she created them but she is fantastic. I like to use this insert to track my media as well as fitness and spending. I love the graph paper and the ability to see my progress or it helps me see if I am not doing enough. 

Everything is color coordinated and I can see at one glance all the information that I need!! 

All of my inserts are held with three bands. One is from the band that comes with the book and I also use the elastic that holds the leather together and then some elastic cord that I had left over from another project. 

This is my Midori and I love it! I love changing things out and I love having this with me everyday. It's a purchase that I do not regret. I love all of the creative people that are out there and getting inspired by all of them!

If you would like to see my video of me flipping through it please check it out!

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