Friday, May 23, 2014

The Art Supplies I use in My Journals!

I absolutely love stationary and have always loved it. I have loved pens and pencils and notepads, notebooks and journals since I was a little girl. I just can't get enough. I tote around a fair amount of things with me that I use daily and thought I would share that with you!

In order to tote everything around I have this great shopper tote that I found on Amazon.
I love this thing!! It really helps me stay organized as well as keep everything for journaling all in one place.

It's called the JanetBasket Twilight Large size. This basket is great to store as well because it collapses down completely. It's large enough to carry everything but also light enough that it's not too hard to carry around. 

Fountain Pens are a MUST for me. I love using fountain pens and I have been since I was a sophomore in high school so it's been about 16 years that I have been loving them. One of my favorites that I have been using is a Lamy Safari in the neon yellow color.

It is extremely light weight and writes very very smoothly. I purchased a converter because I like to draw up my ink in my pens.

I recently picked up a Pilot Metropolitan and I think that this writes even smoother than the Lamy. I LOVE Love this pen. I actually like the weight that the pen has and I just think it writes very very smoothly!!  If you are new to fountain pens I highly recommend using this one or try the Varsity Disposable fountain pen because they are inexpensive and great to use!!

Where do I buy pens from?? I think that is fantastic for fountain pen knowledge. I check these videos constantly whenever I am purchasing or looking to purchase a fountain pen. The owners have a youtube channel and they love their products and talk about them all the time so I highly recommend their online store. I also love jet They are fantastic with their pens as well and are very picture heavy so you should be able to find something that you love!

After drawing my images I always love to color them in and for then I always carry a water brush with me. The water brush I love to use is a Koi water brush pen.

It's great to carry around because I can do a quick water color sketch where ever I am. I do alot of sketches on the couch and it works great.  My choice for a water color set is a Windsor & Newton travel Palette. 

I have had this palette for about 6 years and I love it very much. I use it every single day and I really love love using it!

Some other pens that I like to use aside from the fountain pen is Stabilo pens. I love the size of the these pens and the yellow body!! Just love it!!

Of course LePen is a fantastic pen. The 'wetness' of the pen I absolutely love and I love the way it writes and how slim the pens are. I love them.

If you do alot of cartoon like drawing and you enjoy that type of thing then you will love Faber Castell pens.

I hope this inspires you or helps you with your supplies!! To see more please check out my video!

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