Thursday, May 15, 2014

Decorating My Filofax Pages with ClipArt!!

I LOVE looking at peoples decorated filofax pages. People have so many great ideas and stationary items that it looks like a beautiful scrapbook. I want pretty pages too!! I love having pretty pages because that makes me want to use it!! I would love to just keep buying stickers and washi tape but that definitely starts getting really expensive!!

Sooo...I came up with another idea! Clip art and printing!! What I found the pros to be with this is that I have more room to write. Because you can't really write over washi tape and stickers it ends up taking up alot of the space in the box for you to write you tasks and events. Well, if you print on your papers then you can just write over it!! I tend to fade alot of the images so that I can write over things and see them easily!!

Here is one of my spreads.

Please watch my video to see the step by step process that I use to do this!

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