Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bath & Body Works Spring 2014 Haul!

I thought I would share with all of you what I got on my spring shopping spree at Bath and Body works!
I always enjoy looking at what people buy because it helps me when I do my shopping. The main draw for me this time around was the Mother's Day gift that you get for $15 if you spend $20. Well that was a no brainer because their candles are 2 for $22.

The Mother's Day Candle I received:

When I purchased this candle I didn't even know what the scent was but so pretty in the package I just had to have it! Since then I am currently burning the candle and it has a slightly sweet, cherry like, smell to it but not offensive in the least bit and it looks so so pretty on it's stand!!

I am pleasantly surprised by the scent but I love the little cake stand candle holder. It goes really perfectly in my kitchen with the other decor. 

There is a Chicago collection that I was drawn to because I just thought it looked neat and I live in Chicago so of course a no brainer!!

The scent that I liked he most was Michicagn Ave, Big City chic collection. The smell of the candle definitely has a masculine cologne scent to it. I love candles and home fragrances that have that musky cologne like smell to them. I feel as though it's neutral enough to have in the home and I just like  it!!

The Hawaii collection that Bath & body works has is just incredible. If you have been to Hawaii you will know that as soon as you step off the plane your nares are filled with the scents of the most fragrant and beautiful flowers along with fresh ocean water and sand. The smell of this candle is again a bit more on the masculine cologne side but it's very fresh. It does remind me of Hawaii. Scents are a very strong memory sense for me and therefore anything that will trigger memories for me is always important and great!

I'm not a huge fan of candles that are too sweet. I like how they smell in the jar but then when you light them the scent is so strong and overpowering that I just can'd handle it and it end up giving me a headache. With Honeysuckle I purchased a wallflower and I LOVE this scent. It's on the sweeter side but it is so soft and delicate with kind of the honeydew melon scent in it that I just love having this scent waffle through my home.

The last candle choice for me is Bloom. First off I love the color of the wax but the smell just screems spring time to me! It has the fresh cut flower scent along with peonies which are my all time favorite flowers! I love peonies. Again it reminds me of my childhood becuase my mom always had huge bushes of them in the backyard and I remember just sitting there and inhaling the perfume of the flower!

I did purchase a few of their hand soaps. I love their hand soaps and have one in each of my bathrooms as well as at my kitchen sink. When I spoke to the sales associate I asked her about the new bottle shape and size referencing the sleeves that I already had purchased for the 'older' size. 

The sales person had informed me that if you bring in your old sleeves they will happily replace them with the new ones! This is fantastic so keep that in mind!! These hand soaps are infused with more Vit E so they are suppose to be more soothing on your hands. I don't have any issues and I wash my hands a millioni times a day with a baby and two dogs!! 

Please check out my coordinating video: 

I really enjoy Bath & Body works products! How do you feel about them?

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