Thursday, May 15, 2014

How I stay Motivated to Journal!

I recently received questions about how I find the time to journal as well as the motivation. I get ideas everyday throughout the day and you probably do as well but don't realize it!! So in this post I want to share with you how I get my ideas down as well as continuing to keep my journals alive!

The first thing that is so important is that you love your journal/journals. You have to love the size, shape and how it feels in your hands. You really do and it is important because you will want to use it. It's always a chore for me if I don't care for the journal. Another important thing is that you have to have your journal with you! It needs to be easily accessible or you won't use it! How do I make it accessible??

I tote around this shopper tote. I found this on amazon for about $20. It is really quite compact if I'm not using it and I just love this thing!! I live in a multilevel home so this makes it so easy for me to have everything with me at all times. I carry all of my journals and my filofax as well as any pens or anything I might need. I find that if I have them with me I am more tempted to use them and by using them I get more ideas and more inspiration.

What's inside that basket? I thought you'd never ask!

The first item that you will notice on top is my instax mini polaroid camera. I love this thing!! It's so great because you have to stop and think about the picture you are going to take! I know that sounds silly but we all get so crazy with our phones and take a million photos and then you have to sort through them with the polaroid I take pictures and then stick them into my journal!! A great way to journal!

This color comes in a few different colors but I like the white. It's really simple and easy to use. It's lightweight and I love the pictures that it takes!!

Once I take the picture I stick it behind the elastic of my journal so that I don't misplace it and also so I can journal about it later!

Because life gets int he way of things I will use post it notes. I get ideas of things all the time like  I mentioned before but I don't always have the time to do it so I just jot down my ideas and then put them on the pages that I intend to journal on!

I also keep my 'Dear Diary' journal with me in case something strikes me. I get an idea or a piece of gossip or something I need to work out and so I like to write things like this out. If I don't have it next to me then I tend not to use it or just forget about it all together. 

As you can see when I add a photo I keep it simple and just journal around it and add stickers or washi tape to decorate it up. 

I get ideas for YouTube as well as hearing about books and things like that and I don't want to forget. I carry around a fauxdori that I found on Etsy and I just love this little guy!! He is so awesome and just is perfect for jotting down these types of things. 

I also always love carrying around  my watercolor brush and watercolor set because you never know when I may want to do a quick drawing!!

Please check out my video to see more details about staying motivated as well as links to find all the above items!

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