Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bullet Journaling Works for Me!!

So during my huge hunt on getting organized this year and finding the filofax community and then the Midori Travelers Notebook I found Bullet Journaling. It's such a simple way to plan that it makes it genius. 

In order to get started I highly recommend that you choose a notebook that you love. If you don't love it chances are your not going to want to use it.  My choice is a moleskine. If your not familiar they are great little notebooks for basically anything you want to put in a notebook. They can be found easily online and at Barnes and Nobles and usually local book shops and places like that. The style and size is important. If the size is too large then you may not remember to bring it with you and if it's too small you may forget it so keep size in mind as well.

Once you have your notebook the fun can begin!

One of the brilliant concepts of the system is to use an index to find things in your journal quickly.   

Using an index makes it so much easier to find my notes. It's genius! How did I not think to do this. A small legend on the left side is just a helpful reminder of how I am defining tasks,notes, events etc. If you visit you can find a step by step guide to making your own. I think that this can be something that can evolve as you use your journal daily.

The next page will have you will need a full spread, so a left and a right side.

On the right side you will title your page with the month and then number your days of the month. For March you will go down to 31 and for each month you will create this spread. On the left you will list larger tasks for the month and you can of course add to it but some examples are get my sisters bridal shower organized and start to spring clean etc.  For the left side you add events and it kind of is a great way to look back at the month. Once you begin a new month you will go through all of your tasks and either move them forward, check them off, or if they are no longer relevant strike it through.  

This method isn't to make more tasks but its to help make you more productive. I no longer miss tasks and most importantly I don't start my days off feeling overwhelmed. It's really easy to get started and very easy to maintain so give it a try!!

I think this is a life changer!

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