Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In LOVE with my New Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Oh my goodness!!! I am so so in love with these headphones. I have been and I almost always feel as though I am looking for the best headphones. I am not an audiophile and I am not someone where I can't enjoy music unless it's through the best quality headphones. That's not who I am at all. I just want something to sound good and be comfortable. I do own the Bose OE headphones and I really love those but I wanted something over ear. Don't get me wrong the Bose are great but I feel when I'm sitting at my computer and have the headphones on for a long time I want something bigger and more comfortable.

So here they are.....drum roll please!!


I had done a lot of research prior to purchasing. My husband has the Bose Quiet comfort noise canceling which I know are top of the line but also extremely expensive. I was willing to spend some money don't get me wrong but I don't love the noise canceling feature. Whenever I put his on I feel like I am having my brain sucked out!! I know that may sound weird but I don't like that feeling. They are AWESOME and the sound quality phenomenal but I was looking for something good looking and comfortable as well as sound quality. 

Speaking of comfort. These are extremely comfortable. I can have these on all day easily. I can almost forget they are on my head. The band is not tight so I don't get a head ache. I can wear my glasses and I have not found it to be an issue either. I wear these to listen to music, edit videos, listen to Youtube, watch movies, and they are exceptional!

The cushion on over the ear is so nice and soft. Beautiful to look at and to touch. I love the colors of this model. This is a special and limited edition. When I saw this beautiful tan and navy color combination it was such a great bonus!! I also love that they come with 3 cables that I can connect. They are all pretty long about 4 ft which I love because I move around at my computer and don't want to be restricted from that. There is one that is about 2 ft and that is probably the one I would use if I needed more portability.

As far as sound leaking. I tested this and would say that if you listen to music at 50% no one will be disturbed. If you go up to 75% - 100% then you can definitely hear some sound leaking. I don't normally listen to anything that loud and if I do it's for a short period of time. I feel if you were in a noisy place it wouldn't disturb anyone. As far as blocking out sound they are incredible. I don't really hear anything around me and I can get engrossed in my work and not have to worry about being distracted by outside noises.

The only thing they do not come with is a hard case. I think they are durable enough that they don't require it and it does make it less bulky when traveling. Instead it comes with a pretty tan pleather bag.

The color is absolutely stunning but if you do want a hard case then you will not find it here.

I overall am so so happy with this purchase. I rarely take these bad boys off. I love them and they are beyond comfortable and the sound is fantastic. If you are on the fence and don't care for the $189 price tag the M50 are just as great and you can find them for cheaper. The headphones come in black and white. There is a limited edition red that is gorgeous also if you like a little color!

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