Monday, March 17, 2014

What's Your Lucky Charm?!?

So today's post is inspired by a journal prompt. I like to do a daily journal prompt and do to it being St. Patty's day I'm guessing it was the reason for the prompt. I had a hard time with this and I had to really think about this. I don't have like a lucky rabbit's foot or anything like that and so I had to think about what is it that I do when I need some extra luck for a situation. Is there a ritual that I follow? Is there something that I do??

What's the point of having a good luck charm? When I googled it I found tons of images. I found symbols all intended to bring good fortune. I found cultures have different good luck charms or the evil eye to help protect you from something.  I like the idea of good luck charms but can anything be considered a good luck charm? 
When I was a kid I remember having trolls and feeling as though they were lucky. I brought my pillow person (80's kid) with me to a lot of places and felt it to be really special. I guess I didn't really rub it's belly or have sort of ritual. I just felt like when I had these objects I felt more complete. So I guess when I was looking back I didn't really find anything that I had to have or I didn't feel right. I know some people need their lucky socks or else they can't leave the house for an interview.

So I had to dig deeper. What did I do when I was pregnant or what did I have with me when I was giving birth? I wore a Virgin Mary Medallion. I received this as a gift for my communion and I wear it when I do feel like I need a little something extra. This is it! At least this is how I felt when I was doing my journal prompt. I didn't take that necklace off the whole time. I think I wore it for a very long time even after I had my daughter. I did become kind of protective of it during my pregnancy. I felt like I needed it with me all the time. I do have a healthy and beautiful daughter. My pregnancy was wonderful and I really enjoyed it. In fact sometimes I miss it! So I guess that's kind of like my Lucky charm. The next time I feel like I need something a little extra I will wear my necklace. 

I highly suggest that you do this today. It's fun to remenice and think about what you do. It may be a ritual or it may be an object or several objects. What do you feel brings you luck? Is it something that hangs on your wall? Is it someone? Is it a piece of jewelry? What brings you luck?!?

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