Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nume 5 n 1 Hot tool and Demo!!

I've had this hot iron since Christmas so I felt like I could review it because I've had enough time with it to have a true opinion. I do use it probably every other day or so. I decided to purchase this hot iron because I felt as though my hair had a lot of breakage. I had already changed my shampoo, conditioner and blow dryer but was still having issues. With that said I was watching one of my favorite beauty gurus and she had a coupon code for Nume. I decided to take advantage and just buy it. Even with $110.00 off the iron was $69.99. I know that it's a hefty price but I felt justified  because I was getting the 5 n 1 system. The shipping was fast and the case that it came in was really very nice.

As you can see its a gorgeous pleather case. It has slots for each of the wands and a place for the glove that comes with.

I highly recommend the use of the glove if you are not use to using a clip less wand. It does take a little bit of practice but once you get it down it's really very easy!

Each of the wands can be used to give  you a different look. The largest wand I don't currently use because it my hair isn't quite long enough. If I put my extensions in it would be perfect for the gorgeous Victoria's secret bombshell look.  The medium sized barrel is currently the one that I use most. The beaded wand is when I really like to have a tighter curl. Even though it's a tighter curl the curl will last for 3 days!  The conical wand is for days when I want the Taylor Swift look.

I highly recommend that if you are having breakage or trying everything under the sun to make your hair healthier try changing your curling iron. I have more affordable choices such as Hot tools, Remmington and Conair but they all made the ends of my hair break off. I can truly feel the difference and feel my hair is definitely stronger!

The heat setting on this tool is only an on/off switch which I really like. I prefer to keep it simple so that I don't have to think about what heat setting I need. The curl lasts incredibly long and I can't say enough how happy I am with this system. I used it recently for a trip I went on and the ease of packing it is incredible along with having sooooo many different curling choices to choose from!

I can't get over how compact it is. It's great to not take up too much space either for travel or in your bathroom/vanity.

I highly recommend it!!

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