Wednesday, March 5, 2014

it Cosmetics CC full coverage cream Review!

I first saw this product mentioned on one of the Youtube beauty guru channels and I was intrigued because I like using a bb cream on a daily basis. I was intrigued with a CC cream because of all the benefits it comes with. It's also winter time here in Chicago and anything that will help hydrate my skin I'm all for it!!

First thing the packaging. I was skeptical because I didn't want it in a tube and I would have to push it out and what if too much came out. Well....IT Cosmetics is already a step ahead. The placed a wonderful little pump on it!! It's brilliant because you can travel with this kind of packaging.

Yes mine is dirty but it's because I use this daily! I love the way that the product comes out. There isn't too much that comes out it's just the right amount. You do not need to squeeze the tube you just keep pushing the little pump.

The color selection that they have  I think can work with any skin tone. Once you put this on your face the longer you wear it, it basically becomes your skin. I can't speak about the beautiful skin that it gives me. I have people compliment my skin daily.

I apply this with an e.l.f powder brush. That might sounds strange that I would use that brush but that brush helps to move the product on your face perfectly. It doesn't absorb any of the foundation and help spread it onto your skin.

The benefits of this  product are endless. There is spf 50 in it so I don't need to worry about protecting my face while being out. Even in the winter time the rays can come through the clouds and age your skin. The product has anti-aging hydrating serum, containing anti-aging peptides, essential lips-rich oils, vitamins, extracts & soothing botanicals. I feel when I use this product daily it makes my skin look and feel hydrated. If I don't use it I can tell right away that my skin is dry.

The coverage is incredible. I would say this give a medium to full coverage. You can build this up. You will need a concealer if you have larger blemishes but if you have dark spots or redness this product will take care of that. I don't use too much on a daily basis. I use about a pump and a half and find that it gives me medium coverage.

Here are the ingredients and directions on the back of the tube if you are curious.

Overall I can not rave about this product enough. It has truly helped me this winter. I wear it every single day and I love it. I don't feel like it needs to be set with a powder. It's easy to put on your face and gives you a fresh face look. Easy to apply with great coverage I highly highly reccomend.

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