Saturday, March 15, 2014

Night Road by Kristin Hannah a Book Review

This was another choice for book club for the month of March. I thought I was going to be disappointed but I was surprised at how much I liked this book. I finished this book in 2 days and I think it's almost 400 pages long. I'm not a fast reader but I do enjoy reading books.  I was so involved with the characters and just couldn't put the book down. If all the books by the author are like this....welll I want more.

Let me begin with a summmary of the book.  I will not have any spoilers in this portion. This begins with a girl (Lexi) that has a drug addict mother and is bumped from foster home to foster home until her aunt finds her and adopts her. By this point she is already a teenager and ready for her first year of high school. Her aunt is poor but very loving. Lexi is very sweet and loving. I immediatly loved this character. The aunt has a home in a trailer park on an indian reservation that is right next to a very wealthy community on an island somewhere in Washington. It sounds absolutely stunning when the author describes it. Lexi is used to being the new girl and has learned to cope with it. She meets a girl on the first day that is just as awkward as she is. Of course her new friend, Mia, is rich and has an identical twin brother that is very popular. Before you role your eyes at this it's actually so engrossing that it doesn't feel like a teen drama. Instead you hear from the mothers point of view about her twins. How much she loves them and has protected them while growing up. It seems like a perfect friendship and perfect life until one night they go to a high school party. Unfortunate things occur and without me giving away important things that happen in the story you will just basically feel as though your heart is being ripped out of your chest. I was so deeply involved in this book I could literally feel the pain. It's an emotional roller coaster as friendships turn into deep enemies and the different challenges that each character is faced with.  The story moves quickly and has events that truly touch you emotionally. I have never felt so vested in my characters.

The character build in this book is like no other book. I usually really like my characters in books but in this book I felt so emotional for Lexi and for the twins. Somehow the author does a fantastic job with making you love all these people. You feel like you belong with them. You go through the good and the bad.  It is a page turner. Like I said earlier I had this done in 2 days. I read well into the night and found any excuse to read this book.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY reccomend this book and author!!

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